Another animated adventure starring Bread and Butter as themselves.

And in case you missed the last one:

Bread and Butter: The Best Things in Life Are Free

I created this video and submitted it to Amanda for the Brian a Day Challenge, and she rejected it! This video is TOO HOT FOR THE BRIAN A DAY CHALLENGE! See the edgy, avant garde Brian video CENSORED by the Brian a Day establishment! (For more information, see A Brian a Day.)

Trampled by a Horse: A Documentary Film

A recent news story concerns a group of junior rodeo queens who had to perform their equestrian feats with stick horses in lieu of the real thing, due to an outbreak of equine herpes. Is this another front in the horse war on humans? I have no idea, but now seems a good time to revisit Trampled by a Horse, the riveting, disturbing documentary film which I produced a few years ago. I might add that since Trampled by a Horse has opened many eyes to the great threat which horses pose to all of humanity, my life has not been the same. Every time I see a horse, I know he’s looking at me and thinking, Yeah, there’s the guy who made that film. That guy’s on to us. I’m going to trample that guy.